glass collections

Glass should be selected on the basis of thermal insulation requirement (climatic condition), sound insulation requirement (surrounding enviroment condition) and safety requirement. Renolx windows and doors can accommodate any type of glass as desired and required as per the clients requirements. 

Tinted Float /
Annealed Glass

Tinted float glass which is generally used in windows where there is not much requirement of thermal, sound, fungus and safety features.

Glazing Glass

Triple glazing glass is the    introduction of a third glass with a second air gap unit which help in providing best Insulation for best energy saving.

Tempered /
Toughened Glass

These are float glass which have been tempered under very high temperture, thus making them times stronger than the normal float glass.

Laminated /
Shatter Proof Glass

When two glass sheets of any of the above mentioned glasses are sandwiched together with one or more layers of PVB plastic or resin it is called laminated glass. 

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